Wings of the Tern Blog


First Flight - Piper J3 Cub. Pg 3,99

Ercoupe. Pg 13-15,61-63

Volpar. As built at Whiteman. Pg 9,309

Mooney Mite. Don't forget the landing gear! Pg 12

Boeing NA-16 Basic Trainer Pg 17

Aero Commander Pg 9,21,233

Bell 47 Pg 45,129,194-5

Bell 47 J model Page 46

Sikorsky VS-44A page 47

Stearman. Pg 21-22, 71-73

Shoestring Pgs 35-38

Lockheed Lodestar Pg 52-53

TH-55 Pgs 114, 120-122, 130-131

XH-51A Pg 31

Navion Pg 43-44

Cessna 195 Pg 43

PT-19 Pgs 22, 38-39

F-100 Saber Jet Pg 29

Convair Pgs 25-26, 53-54

Constellation Pgs 32-35

The Cosmic Wind Ballerina Pg 36



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