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February 27, 2010


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Several years ago, I looked up one of my old Air Scout buddies, Dwight Obenchain.  We agreed to meet at the Van Nuys Airport on a Saturday morning and say hi to our old Squadron III flight instructor, Ralph Trigio.  We had been told, that after all these years, Ralph was still instructing scouts how to fly.

My son Evan was visiting Lydia and I, so the three of us made the drive south to the San Fernando Valley.  After we met up with Dwight and his wife, we began to search for where the Squadron was now parking its airplane.  While, in our day, the Squadron kept it’s Cessna 150 at Whiteman  Airport, it now had a Cessna 172 and was using Van Nuys Airport.

We finally spotted the red, blue and white Air Scout airplane as it taxied in from a training flight, and (not knowing how to gain access) we all nosed up to the chain link fence.  After the airplane shut down and the door opened, an old grizzled instructor and a young boy emerged.  We began to yell our hellos and wave.  We called out that it was Pete and Dwight!  Ralph looked over at us with a somewhat puzzled look on his face, then smiled and waved back.  Later, over lunch, Ralph said that when he heard our names, he saw my son Evan and thought to himself, “Pete has got to be older than that now!”

This weeks featured airplane (Aircraft Page) is a Ercoupe (Referenced page 13 in book)


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