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January 18, 2010

Balancing Act

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I’m sure that some of you can imagine how difficult it is to write a book about flying, in a way that non-flyers are not overwhelmed with the technical while the pilots who will read it will not become bored with over simplicity.  As to rather or not I was, in any way, successful in that balancing act, only time and the feed back from both groups will tell.  It would have been easier to have written to only one group or the other, but the fact is, I wanted to leave both groups with something.  I’m sure that either group may come upon something in the book that they might want to just brush past, but I think there is also something that both groups will enjoy reading about.

There was probably some terminology used that might not have been adequately explained for the non-flyers or even for those flyers who are not that familiar with helicopters, so I am adding another page to this blog for “Aviation Terms.”


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